Adult Shop

Anal Toys

Anal Toys at the adult shop come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles to meet individual preferences. Some of the most popular products on the market are Anal Beads & Balls, Anal Dildos, Anal Plugs and Anal Vibrators. For those who are into more intense anal action, check out Anal Extreme, Anal XXX and Prostate Devices for a whole new experience.

Bondage Gear

There’s no need to get bored when Bondage toys are available. Turn Me On Adult Shop carries a great selection of Collar & Leashes, Harnesses & Straps, Latex & Leather wear, Gags & Muzzles and Masks & Hoods. There are also the popular Nipple & Clitoris Devices, Swings & Straps, Restraints & Cuffs and Whips & Paddles. Have fun with Electrosex Toys, Furniture & Sheets designed for bondage and various Kits & Gadgets.


When it comes to Dildos, choices are important. Select from a variety of Standard Dildos or go for one of the special, Fun Dildos. Strap On Dildos, Double Dildos and Extreme Dildos are available to satisfy customers. For something different, try the Glass & Metal Dildos.

Sex e-Books

Becoming a sex master doesn’t happen by chance. Learn the secrets of great sex from an eBook. There is some great advice and tips to take your sex life to a whole new level. Also check out some of the Free Stuff offered here.

Lubes & Lotions

Lubes & Lotions can really add pleasure to sex. There are Lubes & Lotions for Men, Lubes & Lotions for Women and Unisex Lubes & Lotions. Plenty of great choices. Magic Wands are also a fun addition in the bedroom. Try one out and see what it can do for you and your partner.

Sex toys for Men

Women aren’t the only people who like sex toys. Fun Sex Toys for Men include such star products as Fleshlights, Rings & Sleeves, Sex Dolls and Vaginas & Masturbators. Penis Pumps & Enlargers can bring more thickness and length for added pleasure. Try some Fun Stuff to spice up your sex life.

Sex toys for Women

Sex Toys for Women include Clitoral Stimulation tools, Intimate Shavers, Kegel Exercisers & Balls to help keep the desired tightness, Pussy & Clitoral Pumps and other Fun Stuff. Health & Hygiene also has several products to make sex a more pleasant and enjoyable experience for all.


When talking about sex toys, one cannot leave out the ever popular Vibrators. There are so many different styles and shapes of Vibrators available. The choices range from Classic Vibrators to Clitoral Vibrators to Deluxe Vibrators. There are G Spot Vibrators designed to hit that magic fun zone, Jelly Vibrators and Bullets. Penis Vibrators are popular, as are Rabbit Vibrators. Remote Vibrators and Vibrator Kits have some fun options. Also look into Balls & Pelvic Exercisers.