You want to have some fun in the bedroom? Need a little self-gratification? Want to spice up a relationship gone dull? You need a good vibrator. Vibrators are such fun and they come in so many shapes, sizes, styles and designs for specific pleasure spots. There are some that are for clitoral stimulation and others for anal. There are just so many incredible options.

Classic Vibrators are anything but boring. They are made of the finest material and feel incredible on the genitals. In the hands of someone who knows how to use one, a nice slow vibration along the sensitive parts of the body can be extremely pleasurable and build excitement. For those just starting out, the Royal Rabbit Kit is a great option containing everything you need in a vibrator.

Clitoral Vibrators focus on that magic pleasure zone for women. The 3Teez Wand Attachment is a great choice, as is the Allure Vibrating Clit Pump. Icicles Vibrating Glass Rabbit is one of the favorite models, and the Intensity vibrator by Jopen is fantastic. G Spot Vibrators are specifically built to hit the G Spot, although many also pleasure the clit at the same time. This can bring about the most intense orgasm imaginable.

Penis Vibrators are great for women. Get the full sexual experience plus some added vibrations for fun. Choose the size that best suits your preferences. Bullets are another popular choice. They are small enough to use on specific parts of the genitalia to bring great sensations. Passion Bullets, Interactive Trio Bullets and Decadent Remote Control Dual Bullets have all had great reviews. Rabbit Vibrators are also a top seller. The Dorcel Luxury Collection Orgasmic Rabbit is unparalleled for bringing about explosive orgasms. Choose from larger or smaller models.

Many people prefer Jelly Vibrators because of the soft texture and flexibility, but there are many choices out there. Deluxe Vibrators and Fun Vibrators bring the sexual experience up a notch and give added mystery and excitement in each use. Remote Vibrators are great for the ease of use.

For those just starting out, you may want to consider Vibrator Kits. They give you a wide variety of sexual pleasure toys and help you determine what kind of vibrator you like the most. Also, Balls & Pelvic Exercisers are great investments as well and can make for more pleasure sexual experiences on a regular basis.