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Very very very satisfied customer . . . . . . Email
Well worth the money .The reviews I have read do not do this machine justice. Tina was a huge help in explaining the ordering process of the Sybain sex machine . My Story , I have been a women who as never come very easily or at all from any method of stimulation , So I was a little scared and excitied about getting on this machine . The feelings are nothing like I have ever experienced or felt in my life and within 10mins was exploding into a series of life changing orgasms , that I thought would never happen to me. Only downer if you can call it a downer is you have jelly legs afterwards and can hardly stand up let alone walk. It is a little loud but nothing too bad. If theres anyone out there with questions drop me an email happy to help. ohh before I go, it took 5 Days from the US to my bedroom!!!!!! Thanks Tina for offering such an omg product to New Zealand .

Compliment on awesome service . . . . . Email
Hi Thank you so much for the awsome service look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

Happy boyfriend on Valentine’s Day . . . . . Email
Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier. Just wanted you to know that whatever you ended up doing was great! She loves it. Thank you very much.

Excellent service . . . . . TXT Message
Thank you 4 the excellent service Plz send me prices 4 attachments for that product Thanx again

P.S . . . . . TXT Message
All gud she loves it. Ps. Nice key ring and chocolates!

Thank You . . . . . Email
Hi Tina, Thank you for the prompt delivery of the Medisil Magic Touch, I can see that we are going to have to purchase the G spot attachment in the very near future.

Customer service rocks . . . . . Email

Hi Tina I have received your email today and I just wanted to reply to say that I think your customer service rocks. You really know how to make a customer feel comfortable about their purchase and we certainly will be doing more shopping from your site. Thanks again and I look forward to doing business again shortly.

10+ to you . . . . . Email
i would just like to say thank you it has been a long time that we have recieved service any where like that, i actually forgot that you recieve service and more so 10+ to you’

Cheers . . . . . . Email
Great customer service….. Cheers.

Nice touch . . . . . . Email
Got the parcel, cheers.The chocolate was a nice touch!

Thanks . . . . . Email
Hi Thanks for the prompt service, I have received it today, great to have batteries thanks. Great to see that someone imports this stuff in NZ.

Cheers WOW!!!!! . . . . . Email
Hi Tina WOW!!!!!!!!!!! She LOVES it ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers.

Thanks . . . . . Email
Hi Tina Have been meaning to do this for some time. Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for the gorgeous lingerie so far. They are absolutely gorgeous. The Shirley’s line is beautiful. Very comfy and very sexy to wear. Wearing beautiful garments like that has given me some confidence in my figure as I struggle to find nice stuff for women who are not so well endowed with breasts. I find they are always angled at women who have plenty of boob and it’s very disheartening for the likes of me to try something on and only to have the cup area sit there all loose etc. So thank you for having such a product available out there for women like me.

Professional Trade . . . . . Email
I confirm I have just received the package. Many thanks for the professional way you have conducted this trade.

Cheers . . . . . Email
Hi Am pleased to inform you that the items ordered and are working extremly well ๐Ÿ™‚

Great Timing . . . . . Email
That’s great timing – my wife’s birthday is next Friday ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have a nice Easter too!

Cheers . . . . . Email
Hi Tina Many thanks for that, we will look forward to receiving it :)Thanks for the extra goodie too.

Can’t Wait . . . . . Email
Yes they do sat delivery. Oh I can’t wait thank you so much and I look forward to dealing with you in the future.

Slide Lube . . . . . Email
It’s Great !!!!!! Even My partner commented onhow good it felt. Certainly made things a wee but spicer for us!!! I’ll be certainly recommending it to others! Cheers

Package Arrived . . . . . Email
Hi!! Package collected, all good. Many thanks and look forward to doing business again sometime.

Thanks . . . . . Email
Thanks Tina! That’s great. Thanks for the personal service.

Satisfied Customer . . . . . Email
Hi Tina Well have I been treated this month! I can give the thumbs up to everything! The Oooh orgasm gel works a treat! I’ll have to be very careful with that stuff. And the mints where great as well. So there we go. If anyone asks what any of it is like, there is a satisfied customer who can happily recommend them. Cheers

Beautiful Corset . . . . . Email
Hi Tina, My parcel was sitting on my doorstep when I got home yesterday… Thank you very much for the extra goodies and the discount voucher… I’ll definately shop again

Thanks . . . . . Email
I’ll definately shop with you again, you’ve been absolutely great to deal with. Theres some lingerie on your site that I”m interested, Thanks.

Awesome . . . . . Email
Thank you so much for that ๐Ÿ™‚ I really appreciate your help with this and have definately bookmarked your site! You have been awesome. Kindest regards

Hard To Get Products . . . . . Email
Your site is the only NZ one I could find selling magic wand attachments. Thank you for providing hard to get products.

Order Arrived . . . . . Email
Hi Tina parcel arrived . Top service . Cheers

Medisil Magic Wand . . . . . Email
well, what a machine. used it for the first time friday night with great results. sunday night i tied her up and played from top of body to toes before i went in for the kill. no kidding. i have never seen a woman cum so hard and squirt all over the place. the towels could not keep up.and the screaming. stuff what the neighbours think. may need double glazing now. best sex toy purchase, and i have tried a few, thanks from me….and my sub.

Awesome to deal with . . . . . . . Email
Hi Tina Items arrived today and just wanted to say thank you for the extra goodies really great and I thought you guys have been awesome to deal with Cheers

Thanks vey much . . . . . . Email
Thanks very much for that. The order was received and everything seems to be in working order ๐Ÿ™‚ ! Cheers

Thanks so much . . . . . . Email
Great customer service . . Thanks for looking after us so well