Digital Security Digital Security Policy

This Digital Security Policy (the “Policy”) provides the framework for the protection of’s digital information assets in accordance with’s business equirements, relevant laws and regulations. It is aimed at managing information and technology in a manner that is consistent with’s risk tolerance. It is intended to be aligned with the values.

This Policy applies to and its affiliates (collectively, “”) and all Personnel who handle digital information, and related equipment and technologies, owned by or entrusted to in any form, including email and electronic data.

Digital Security

The Policy is required to protect’s Digital Information Assets from various types of threats, whether internal or external, deliberate or accidental, such that:

  • confidentiality of information is safeguarded
  • integrity of information can be relied upon
  • information is available when the business needs it
  • relevant statutory, regulatory and contractual obligations are met
  • privacy of’s Personnel is protected in accordance with applicable legislation.

To achieve these objectives, will:

  • Assess and effectively manage digital information security risks
  • this includes making Personnel aware of these risks and effective mitigating measures.
  • Be accountable for the effective and secure management of ’s digital information assets and technologies
  • Implement appropriate digital security controls to protect intellectual property, personal information, and any other form of sensitive information in compliance with applicable laws and’s policies.
  • Monitor digital information assets to ensure protection from threats and unauthorized disclosure.

Personnel are expected to:

  • Understand this policy and its supporting standards and guidelines