Medisil Magic Touch Wand – User Info

Relax:The Magic Touch is Lightweight & Gentle A true multi-purpose therapeutic massager, the safe and powerful Medisil Magic Touch is a lightweight, gentler alternative to hefty sports massage units. Plug in the Magic Touch and enjoy a deeply relaxing massage as a part of your essential self-care routine. Let the Magic Touch’s strong vibrating action ease tension, revive and invigorate you. Mains power operated, the Medisil Magic Touch is sturdy and reliable, delivering two soothing levels of vibration: 5000 and 6000rpm, with a single control on the handle offering easy switching between speeds. Relax knowing that the Medisil Magic Touch comes with a one year full replacement guarantee when used in accordance with product instructions. Relax and enjoy a Magic Touch massage today.

Relieve: Magic Touch Delivers Power & Performance The Medisil Magic Touch is powerful enough to ease sore muscles, and gentle enough to relieve aches and pains. Relax tired muscles Relieve shoulder and back tension Improve blood supply to aching areas Soothe pressure point discomfort Meeting stringent Australian & New Zealand regulatory and consumer safety standards, and supplied with a user-friendly, two-metre power cord, the Magic Touch plugs right into Australian and New Zealand power outlets without the need for power transformers. Direct power supply means the quality motor runs at peak performance and you get maximum vibration intensity for effective massage.

Enhance: Medisil Puts the Magic Touch in Your Hands Enhancing your sexual health and wellbeing is easy with the Medisil Magic Touch. Used with the factory-fitted platinum-cured silicone massage cap, or personalised with one of our intimate massage attachments, your Magic Touch provides pleasure, relaxation and steady stimulation through strong vibration. Safe to use with any massage oil or personal lubricant, Medisil accessory caps are easy to remove, suitable for those with sensitive skin or allergies, and may be sterilised for extra hygiene. The Pleasure Dome’s hundreds of small nubs diffuse the Magic Touch’s powerful vibrations, providing a strong but gentle massage. The Gee-Spot transforms the Magic Touch’s powerful vibration into a steady focussed buzz. Doctor recommended for women and men wishing to maintain their capacity for intimate arousal, the Medisil Magic Touch lets you playfully explore the pleasure possibilities of massage.