RockBox 2 Pleasure Power Tool
RockBox 2 Pleasure Power ToolRockBox 2 Pleasure Power ToolRockBox 2 Pleasure Power ToolRockBox 2 Pleasure Power ToolRockBox 2 Pleasure Power Tool

RockBox 2 Pleasure Power Tool

Though the term ‘pleasure tool’ gets tossed around quite a bit in the world of erotic toys, usually referring to a particularly noteworthy vibe, plug, stroker, dildo or otherwise, the completely unique, incomparably powerful RockBox 2 represents the most literal interpretation imaginable. Much more than a vibrator, and escaping the definition of any known masturbator, this fully unisex orgasm machine by LoveHoney (as featured on Prime TV’s Frisky Business) is a true tool, and that’s not a play on words by any stretch.

In terms of intensity, the Rock Box 2 absolutely knocks everything else out of the water, even the most popular of electric wands, which up until now, have been the go-to for power hungry pleasure seekers who can never seem to get enough. The motor contained within the body of the RockBox 2 packs 5000 RPM’s worth of power, making it absolutely worthy of the term ‘machine’. One of the first things the included instructional booklet suggests is to try the RockBox 2 at the lowest level first, and over-top of clothing to start- which should tell you something about the level of delivered stimulation. Unlike a buzzy vibrator, the sensation delivered by the RockBox 2 is much deeper and thudding, it’s been described as ‘bone-shaking’, and that’s a pretty accurate description- it’s a very, very intense toy, and like anything worth the trouble, has a bit of a learning curve to it.

Resembling a proper tool, (a hand sander comes to mind), the RockBox 2 features an ergonomic handle that lets you (or a mate) hold it in position over chosen stimulation zones- courtesy of its perfect placement, the power switch will be within easy reach at all times. Experiment with the RockBox 2 standing, sitting or laying down, it could even be steadied against a surface to be knelt on.

There are two attachments included, one for her and one for him- each was designed for the most possible  pleasuring of male and female erogenous zones. Sliding easily onto the underside of the RockBox 2, both the Hot Chick and Master Blaster are made of a soft, safe elastomer material with a velvety smooth touch. The Hot Chick, which is the female version, is bubblegum pink and shaped like an curvy up-curled tongue. It’s meant to rest on her pubic bone with the protruding tongue cupping the vaginal area. Since it’s so incredibly powerful, extending vibration throughout the entire crotch area, she may not even need to pinpoint the clitoris with the softly tapered tip, although that can certainly be attempted by seriously power hungry ladies. Again, try it out on the lowest setting over clothes or with a towel or something similar between the body and the RockBox to start. Testers have found that the best orgasms occur with the intensity just below mid-level level 2 and 3 for both men and women.

Speaking of men, the Master Blaster is the second attachment, made to intensely stimulate the underside of the penis. It’s shaped into soft ridges, designed to target the frenulum or F-spot, something not many (if any) male sex toys tend to focus on, offering an entirely new way to self-pleasure. Once again, it should be tried out over clothing first on the lowest setting before being gradually increased- like the female version, the medium intensity level seems to win out in terms of orgasm and overall pleasure.

Able to be used anywhere with a standard power outlet, the RockBox 2 doesn’t require batteries or constant recharging, so it’s always ready. There’s an extra long length (20 feet/ 6m) of cord included, allowing for maximum freedom of movement and all sorts of position changes. This is definitely not the quietest toy on the market, so you may need to turn on some music or invest in soundproofing if you’ve got roommates, because aside from the sounds of 5000 RPM’s, you’ll likely be making some noise yourself. Always enjoy a great quality water based lubricant if desired to keep the elastomer attachments at their best. A detailed booklet is included, outlining safe usage and tips and tricks to get the most from the RockBox 2. This tool should NEVER be enjoyed in or around water, as with any electrical appliance.

NOTE: NZ voltage compatible. NZ plug adaptor needed (Not included)


Price: $299.95 $249.95

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Bone-shaking 5,000 RPM motor, 3 x more powerful than a wand, Hot Chick attachment for women, Master Blaster attachment for men


ABS Plastic, Thermoplastic Elastomer.


Length: 7″ (17.5cm), Girth: 19″ (47.5cm) at largest point, Width: 6.5″ (16.25cm) at largest point.


NZ voltage compatible, NZ plug adaptor needed (Not included)


Black and Pink