Belladonna's Batter Up
Belladonna's Batter Up

Belladonna’s Batter Up

Are you ready for a Home Run?

Step up to the plate with Belladonna's Batter Up – ten massive inches of insertable bliss for all kinds of sexual excitement, and a grip that keeps a handle on all the action.

Primed and ready to fulfill your deepest fantasies, this pink bat is perfect for playing rough – just the way superstar Belladonna likes it.

It's strong, firm, and it will knock you into erotic ecstasy.

Bella likes is rough and she takes it up a notch with her brand new bat.

Proudly made in America.

Price: $59.95

SKU: D5079-05.
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Ten massive inches of insertable length and a grip that keeps a handle on the action.


ABS, PVC, Phthtalates free.


10 Inches (25cm) insertable length.