0ooh A Female Orgasm Lube

0ooh A Female Orgasm Lube

Oooh! Orgasm Lube is designed to help women reach orgasm faster.

The all-natural ingredients include ginseng to increase the blood flow to your clit – just massage a little of this fresh, minty gel in a circular motion directly on the clitoris and enjoy the sensations!

Recommended Use: Apply sparingly. Massage gently in a circular motion directly onto the Clitoris.

While most women feel the effect immediately, it may take more than 1 application, just re-apply for full enjoyment!!!

Price: $39.95

Additional Information


All-natural ingredients. Water based Gel. Intense clitoral stimulation.


Purified water, glycerin, witch hazel, l-arginine, lemon extract , methylparaben, propylparaben, menthol, ginseng.


1 fl oz (30 ml).