A10 Cyclone Crystal Cup
R 1 A10 Crystal CupR 1 A10 Crystal CupR 1 A10 Crystal CupR 1 A10 Cyclone

A10 Cyclone – Crystal Cup

This item is for exclusive use with the A10 Cyclone. This set comes with the magnetic cup, one fixation ring and the Crystal inlay.

The stimulation from the thick pyramid lined wall will give you a tight and hard stimulation causing an intense climax. The inlay is made of soft and completely odourless elastomer.

NOTE: This Item is an accessory of the R-1 A10 Cyclone

R-1 Instruction Manual & Brochure
R 1 A10 Cyclone Instructions
R 1 Series Brochure

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Magnetic cup, Fixation ring, Crystal inlay with thick pyramid lined wall.


Odourless elastomer, Phthtalates free.


68 mm x 15mm, Inner diameter: 28mm, Weight: 120g.