A10 Cyclone Spacer Set
A10 Cyclone Spacer SetA10 Cyclone Spacer SetA10 Cyclone Cup Assortment

A10 Cyclone – Spacer Set

This item is for exclusive use with the A10 Cyclone.

The spacers or distance discs for the A10 Cyclone adjust the overall length of the unit to accommodate all penis length.

Adding a spacer will increase the length by 1 cm. They are made of high-quality duroplastic plastics. To connect them just screw the spacers together.

Three spacer pieces are contained.

NOTE: This Item is an accessory of the R-1 A10 Cyclone

R-1 Instruction Manual & Brochure
R 1 A10 Cyclone Instructions
R 1 Series Brochure

Price: $29.95

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