Betty Fat Bouncer Doll

Betty Fat Bouncer Doll

If you like big girls, the Betty Fat Bouncer doll is the perfect addition to your collection. This inflatable sex doll is plus-sized to offer you tons of extra fun.

She features enormous breasts, a thick waist, broad shoulders and two huge chins beneath her waiting mouth. This plump, heavy beauty is all you could want from a large lady. Her realistic face features dark painted-on hair, come-hither eyes and cherry red lips. You can enjoy the Betty Fat Bouncer Doll in three waiting love holes for sensual fun any way you like it.

Use plenty of lube and your Betty Fat Bouncer Doll will be wet and waiting for whatever you have to offer. To keep the Betty Fat Bouncer Doll in top shape, wash gently with warm water and antibacterial soap or your favourite sex toy cleaner.

If you're looking for big loving, the Betty Fat Bouncer inflatable love doll has lots to offer.

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Multiple entry. Easily inflatabled. Big and fat.




Light skin tone with Auburn hair.