Bonnie Rotten Collection See Me Squirt
Bonnie Rotten Collection See Me SquirtBonnie-Rotten-Collection-See-Me-Squirt-6Bonnie Rotten Collection See Me SquirtBonnie Rotten Collection See Me SquirtBonnie Rotten Collection See Me SquirtBonnie Rotten Collection See Me Squirt

Bonnie Rotten Collection See Me Squirt

“Hey guys, I have a little secret! When you lick my pussy before you fuck my ass, it makes me wanna squirt all over the place! I can’t help it, it feels so fucking good that I wanna soak your cock and spray you in the face with my girly juice! I know it sounds dirty, but Rotten is how I like it! When you wanna make me cum, press down on my magic spot and watch me gush like a geyser! I hope you like water sports!” — XOXOXO Bonnie Rotten

Along with the edgy alternative starlet’s signature ink, two fantastically textured orifices to choose from and a relatively petite, portable shape and size, the Bonnie Rotten Collection’s See Me Squirt masturbator features a unique internal mechanism that can be activated at will, gushing as sexily as Bonnie herself.

Offering a tight, exquisitely detailed pussy and snug little ass, Bonnie is up for anything whenever you are- though she’s certainly flexible, that firmer texture underneath all the plushness stays true to the female form. This exhibitionist lady can be propped against cushions, or placed flat facing up or down, whatever suits the mood. Her two ultra detailed orifices cling tight from the start, slowly increasing in elasticity with use- a joined canal is ribbed and textured to create even more over-the-top realism.

To make Bonnie squirt like the star she is, there’s a just a little prep work included. An included pump valve with a length of tubing needs to be inserted in through the larger of the holes on the backside of the masturbator after being filled with water (or a chosen fluid). Sitting just beneath her right thumb, the bulb releases with a push, shooting out through a dedicated pussy opening at will- be sure to penetrate the lower of the two to experience the full squirting effect.

The look and feel of the See Me Squirt absolutely defies logic in its mind-blowing realism. Supple, ultra soft, and incredibly lifelike with a satisfying firmness underneath, Bonnie feels so much like the real thing, you’ll be able to get completely lost in the experience. Pipedream’s signature Fanta Flesh material is completely revolutionary in both look and texture, the soft, supple skin is completely elastic, pliable and smack-able, retaining its shape while warming to the touch.

To clean, run some warm soapy water through each orifice, allowing excess to drain from the opening at the back. Always use a good water based lube with your Bonnie Rotten, it will work well with the phthalate-free TPR material and keep things slick and slippery for maximum sensation.

A sample of Bonnie Rotten Spit lube is included, along with some toy cleaner and a bottle of Fanta Flesh Revive Powder. Sprinkle the powder liberally over Bonnie’s surface after cleaning to keep her soft and non-tacky. Please note that the tattoos are airbrushed by hand onto the surface of the Fanta Flesh. They are not guaranteed permanent, and may fade or smudge over time.

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Includes: Bonnie Rotten Spit Lube, Toy Cleaner, Fanta Flesh Revive Powder, Squirts, Multiple Entry, Open ended, Realistic.


Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), Phthalate free.


Approximately 8.7″ (22cm) long, 8.7″ (22cm) at widest (across chest) and 4.5″ (11.4cm) at highest point. 4.6 lbs (2kg).


Light skin tone. Disclaimer: The tattoos on this item are airbrushed by hand on the Fanta Flesh using a body-safe ink. Because of the nature of the Fanta Flesh material, the tattoos are not permanent and may smudge, fade or smear over time.